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Psychologist & Therapist for Anxiety in Surry Hills

Everyone suffers from anxiety every now and again, but for some individuals, anxiety can become a debilitating, near-constant presence. No one deserves to be ruled by their negative emotions, but for many individuals, escaping this anxiety can seem impossible. For such individuals, the help of an experienced anxiety therapist is vital.

If you want to overcome your anxiety and live a life where you can tackle the unexpected with more confidence, please get in touch with me in Surry Hills, Sydney. My mission is to help people like you build a healthy relationship with your emotions, mitigating anxiety and giving you the chance to live the life you’ve always wanted.

General Anxiety


Anxiety is typically defined as an intense, persistent fear or worry about everyday situations. People with anxiety will fixate on unlikely outcomes or overestimated dangers, and even if they understand that things will probably turn out fine, the fear and worry remain.

Instead of fighting against your anxiety in vain, meet with an anxiety therapist to talk through things and come up with a plan to work with the anxiety with confidence.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is similar to general anxiety, but the fear is focused specifically on social interactions. Often, this anxiety stems from a fear of being judged. You may fear talking to strangers, public speaking, making phone calls or venturing into public places.

Effective therapy will help you come to terms with your anxiety. While completely eliminating fear is impossible, I’ll aim to help you minimise these stressful emotions and build an understanding relationship with your emotions. For more information, please get in touch. I'm located in Surry Hills, Sydney, close to East and Inner West Sydney and the CBD.

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